Origins of names of League of Legends Champions

Probably not one of you dear readers thought about what that means, and above all names have been invented as champions of the League of Legends. 
In this post I’ll be doing a translation where did this rather than another by name. I invite you to a short reading!

League of Legends Champions

League of Legends Champions

  • Heimerdinger

    – a combination of two names of famous physicists, Oppenheimer and Schrodinger.

  • Lux

    – the Latin word for light. On an interesting nux is darkness.

  • Mordekaiser

    – Mord = killer / murderer, languages derived from Germanic Kaiser = ruler.

  • Udyr

    – in Danish and Norwegian is a beast.

  • Ahri

    – taken from the Korean culture, it is usually described as a goddess in November with nine tails and associated with fire and love.

  • Amumu

    – a mummy, mummy simply.

  • Blitzcrank

    – playing with the word blitz krieg of the Second World War, crank means – a mechanism to start the machine. More likely, however, that owes its genesis to German language, in which the “blitz” means “lightning”.

  • Brand

    – with the English “burn” or Danish language “fire.”

  • Fiddlesticks

    – is made of straw and sticks, a long time ago on a stringed instrument in the English language were said to “fiddle”, either way its name does not make much sense.

  • Gangplank

    – the word gang (language English) is the term for the march. The statement “walk a plank” is an expression of the march by the famous pirate plank that leads to the sea.

  • Karma

    – Karma = “Good deeds will lead you to good consequences, and bad to bad.”

  • LeBlanc

    – from the French, ‘white’ or ‘clean’.

  • Miss Fortune

    – in English: meaning misfortune misfortune.

  • Nautilus

    – the name of a scallop with a very hard shell, lives on the bottoms of the oceans, or the name of a ship whose captain was Nemo.

  • Nocturne

    – another word derived from the Latin original “Nocturna” for the night. The English word “nocturnal” means a character who hunts at night.

  • Pantheon

    – the name of the famous building located in Rome. The place was once the center of the city, to make offerings to the Gods. “

  • Quinn

    – verbal game with the word “Quill”, which means the tail feathers of birds.

  • Rumble

    – a popular word derived from the English language meaning a low tone, the other meaning is a “street fight”.

  • Rammus

    – next word game with the word “Ram” “hit the head” (for the sheep) and “us” – “Rammus rams us”.

  • Talon

    – which in English means the sharp claws of birds.

  • Twisted Fate

    – the literal translation of “twisted fate.”

  • Twitch

    – English word for involuntary jerk someone.

  • Victor

    – Victor popular Polish name.

  • Volibear

    – quite strange word for bear performing the same movement as the ball in the net ^ ^.

  • Wukong

    – from Sunny Wukong (Asian language Simplified Chinese:孙悟空, traditional Chinese:孙悟空; pinyin: Sun Wukong), also known as the Monkey King, is one of the leading figures in classical Chinese novels.

  • Yorick

    – a reference to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, the skull of one of the friends of Hamlet – Yorick is found.

  • Akali

    – from the Japanese “Akali” means something bright / cheerful.

  • Alistar

    – in old English term for this is “defense”.

  • Annie

    – this is the name of one of the girls rioter and Tibbers is the name of her favorite teddy bear.

  • Anivia

    – originally a word of Latin origin “niveus / nivea / niveum” for snow white.

  • Cassiopeia

    – probably a reference to one of the queens of Greek mythology, who was known for her beautiful looks.

  • Cho’Gath

    – the name comes from the word “Shoggoth” meaning figure from another world of HP Lovecraft book. These two characters have in common is that they both are strangers.

  • Darius

    – a word of Persian origin, the original “Dariush” for something royal.

  • Diana

    – a word taken from the language of the Roman meaning the queen of the moon.

  • Mundo

    – from Spanish / Portuguese / Filipino, meaning “world”. The character was named after one of RIOTerów named Edmundo.

  • Draven

    – in the old English Draven is a hunter.

  • Elise

    – shortening the name “Elizabeth” or “Elisabeth”, in Greek taken from the Hebrew Elisheva “, meaning” God’s oath “or” Daughter of God, “which certainly applies to the lore.

  • Ezreal

    – one of the employees RIOT, Colt, Ezreal “Hallam, who designed and named our Ezreal.

  • Fiora

    – the name of the champion comes from the word “Fiore” which in Italian means “flower”.”Fioretto” is also one of the professions that deal with fences.

  • Hecarim

    – it is an anagram of the word “Chimera”. Probably has something to do with one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

  • Jax

    – the name derived from one of the Greek warriors “Ajax” or a series of books written by Terry Brook’s Shannara, in which “Garet Jax” is an invincible weapon master.

  • Kennen

    – German and Danish means “to be friends with someone.”

  • Kog’Maw

    – the name may be a reference to the word “Kogmo” or mucus from the nose that seems to be the most logical.

  • Lee Sin

    – if we listen well, it turns out that it is transformed into the word “listen”.

  • Vayne

    – the name comes from the comic book “Huntress,” which tells of the doings daughter of Batman and cat woman. In komksie is also equipped with a crossbow and wearing the exact name of Helena Wayne.

  • Zilean

    – a character was named after one of the employees RIOT-Tom CadwellakaT Zileas.

  • Leon

    – the word comes from Latin and means “lioness”. Leon French / Greek / Spanish for lion.

  • Maokai

    – the name is an anagram of the word “I Am Oak”.

  • Morgan

    – owes its name Arthurian legends, in which one of the characters is Morgan le Fay.

  • Yi

    – Chinese meaning of the word “one / only”, “y” is also a term for “championship”.

  • Nami

    – taken from the Japanese word, meaning a lot of things, but one of the most suitable is the “wave”. “Us” is also part of the word “tsunami”, which also comes from the Japanese language.

  • Nunu

    – this is the name of the dog of one of the producers of RIOT, he also used as a term for a wife.

  • Olaf

    – this is the name used once among the Scandinavian Vikings, the particle is the word “berserker”, they were warriors defined as those who during his ferocity in battle were not able to control. Most berserkers was not wearing any armor or were dressed in “bear-sark” or bear skins.

  • Orianna

    – a European origin, seems to mean “golden sun” Irish “Orianna” means something like “beautiful” or something “golden” in Spanish and Portuguese word “Oroana / Ouro” also means “golden brown”.

  • Shen

    – in Chinese means “God.”

  • Shaco

    – clown name is an anagram of chaos.

  • Ryze

    – the name comes from the CEO of Riot Games.

  • Riven

    – means something or being torn apart by the destruction. In Danish means “rake” and the Swedish “something torn.”

  • Rengar

    – an anagram of the word “ranger” in English.

  • Skarner

    – old Swedish word origin of “skarn”, which meant cutting rock or sulfur deposits.

  • Sona

    – Indian word meaning “gold” in Latin means “sound”.

  • Soraka

    – comes from the Japanese word “sora” which means “light” and “ka” meaning “the form of heaven.”

  • Taric

    – its origin is from the Arabic “Tariq”, the name means “a person who uses Hammer Option” – it might be a reference to the blacksmith.

  • Teemo

    – an anagram of the word “emote”.

  • Thresh

    – “to thresh” means the separation of the wheat grains from the rest, usually by obuchu.Weapons Thresh is very similar to a typical “CEPiK” and collecting souls may resemble the separation of grains.

  • Trundle

    – “is a trundle” in English means “move by rolling around” or “roll up” – “roll”, which is very similar to the word “troll”.

  • Tryndamere

    – it is again, the name taken from one of the employees RIOTU, but this time from the director.

  • Ziggs

    – takes its name from its creator, whose name Ziegler.

  • Xin Zhao

    – “xin” in Chinese means “trust.”

  • Vladimir

    – Slavic name, Vlad comes from the word “Vlade”, meaning “dominion” and “mir” means “world or peace.” So the whole name means “world domination”.

  • Varus

    – the word comes from internal medicine and is a distortion of the pond which is directly linked to the history of a hero who inside is distracted and crashed.

  • Zyra

    – the name comes from Arabic and means “blooming”.

  • Ashe

    – named after the wife of the President of RIOT, whose name is Ashly.

  • Nasus

    – spelled backwards gives “Susan” which may be a reference to the names associated with one daughter workers.

If you have any other suggestions, or do not agree with the genesis of one of the names (and maybe have my own theory) are invited to comment.


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