Comparison of Best Characters in Positions Mid , Top & Jungler

I did a little statistical study with the characters in Mid, Top & Jungler.

League of Legends

League of Legends

While these stats are to be taken lightly, as they take into account all levels of play, and individually as a global level. Without starting in risky conclusions, I noticed still pretty interesting things:

  • Malphite is a prior best choice for solo top at the moment, as it crushes many of his opponents, although Shen is also a very good choice.
  • Annie is one of the most powerful mages, despite its many weaknesses that I know well.
  • Amumu is a jungler who loses the least.
  • Ashe / Taric & Ezreal / Janna are the two most effective combinations in the bottom combo AD / Support .

Finally, a small comparison of “best” characters in positions Mid , Top & Jungler . I assumed that the champions in question lost their lane against a particular opponent they totaled less than 48% of wins, and between 48 & 52% it was a draw. I have not taken into account for this comparison the characters lose their lane against three more opponents.


  • Cassiopeia loses against Fizz, Morgana, draw against Annie & Twisted Fate
  • Karthus loses against Morgana, draw against Brand, Annie, Cassiopeia, Swain
  • Morgana loses against Ahri, Annie draw against Fizz
  • Annie loses against Swain, Brand draw against Ahri, Karthus, Anivia, Twisted Fate and Cassiopeia


  • Malphite loses against Shen, Mordekaiser draw against Yorick, Renekton
  • Shen loses against Mordekaiser, draw against Yorick
  • Mordekaiser loses against Darius, Yorick, draw against Irelia
  • Yorick loses against Riven, draw against Malphite, Renekton, Pantheon, Shen


  • Amumu loses against person (!) draw against Nautilus, Shyvana, Skarner, Shaco, Fiddlestick
  • Shaco loses against Maokai, Amumu & draw against Skarner
  • Skarner loses against Fidllestick, draw against Lee Sin, Nautilus, Amumu, Shaco
  • Fiddlestick loses against Udyr, Jarvan IV, Shaco, draw against Lee Sin, Amumu, Rammus



2 thoughts on “Comparison of Best Characters in Positions Mid , Top & Jungler

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